Wednesday, 24 July 2013

GDG Nairobi July 2013 Meetup

30 days count was down, bringing afloat another of our monthly meetup; July. Great crowd of 45, high-energized attendees graced our meetup held at the +iHub under #gdgnairobijuly

Kicked off with a brief intro of all attendees. Thumbs up to our youngest attendee, a 13th grader (equivalent to Form 2, 8.4.4. System) at the Nairobi Academy, who is already a coding enthusiast :-)

We then had a 'fireside' discussion on the importance of moving from 'milk to meat' as +Anthony Nandaa would put it; a  transition from the lecture approach to a platform of conversation, learning, building, evaluating and celebrating. Talk of now having 'meat-ups' :-)

This was embraced, and saw us hit a milestone that allowed us to introduce Thematic Leads, a first of its kind in this city under the sun.

3 members volunteered to be Thematic leads for Android ( +Erick Wasambo ), HTML5 & Chrome (Kiptoo Bett), and Google Cloud (Jacob). Development on our Thematic Lead and Groups will be published on our website.

Our CS4HS at Starehe Boys Center begins this Sunday (28th July 2013) with orientation. More details to be sent exclusively. Sign up here.

Finally, +GDG Nairobi calls for participation on NITF; join the conversation on our mailing list