Wednesday, 17 July 2013

GDG Nairobi July Meetup, 2013

At the June 2013 Meetup, we had 30 attendees.
It comes a time when we all gather again at iHub for our monthly meetups - July Meetup. We are very much encouraged by the "sell" of tickets, at the time of writing, we had 87 tickets sold. Now, don't get me wrong, all our meetups are, and will always be free, you don't buy tickets, you just pick :)

If you haven't picked your ticket yet, please do so ASAP - 

The Agenda will be as follows:-
+ Updates on Google Developers
+ Google Developer Live (GDL) Schedule and Briefing
+ GBG Nairobi synergy
+ Codelab (AngularJS, App Engine for Newbies, HTML5)
+ Mini Barcamp
+ Nairobi International Trade Fair (formerly ASK show) participation
+ gSummit2013 take-away
+ CS4HS-ish Program at Starehe Boys Center, starting on 28th July 2013
See y'all on Sunday, 2.00 PM!

UPDATE: [July 21, 2013]
Main presentation here:- (get the scoop/pre-release) / Follow Hashtag #gdgnairobiJuly

Some (very brief) forms for you to fill:

  1. For all July Meetup attendees
  2. For those with presentation for today's Mini-barcamp
  3. For all CS4HS programme volunteers, if you din't fill.
  4. For those interested in participating in the NITF programme


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    1. @Elton - but I hope you understood our rationale. We are kinda moving from "milk to meat" :)

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