Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Going Native on Android, with Intel's NDK

It was GDG Nairobi and Intel at the iHub this past weekend for a deep dive into Android, going native using Intel's NDK.

The session was hands-on; the morning period saw attendees go through a practical design session led by +Samantha Merritt , a researcher at the +iHub UX Lab, who guided the 7 teams present on a design scenario.

Much crumbling was seen, proof that designing is always iterative, designing and redesigning until the best outcome is got :)

Developers present were taken through the 'Hello World' of the NDK, with the benefits of native coding being highlighted in the process. Thank you +Frank Tamre for the amazing session.

Developers getting their hands 'dirty' was not in vain.. A brand new Iconia was up for grabs, for the best app developed in-house that afternoon. The presence of +Dennis Riungu , one of the brains behind Simiyu the Chicken app was also enough motivation for the coders (both beginners and veterans) to get creative!

+Munene Julius walked away with this amazing gadget after creating a simple app to help those not so good at colors in identifying colors correctly. Congrats guy! With our most active social media person walking away with cool bluetooth powered headphones.

Hats off to the 10 #techWomen who attended, which translates to 1/4 of all the attendees! Let's keep the #diversity up-beat ladies :-)

Find more photos of the event here!

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  1. I was just seeing the pictures right now, how cool!
    Congratulations, GDG Nairobi and all organizers.