Friday, 4 April 2014

CMS Africa Summit

Over the years, web designers and platform builders in Africa have been accused of not following due diligence when building platforms and websites using open source Content Management Systems.

Customization, security enhancements, bugs, and other things are not, in most cases, properly looked into. The end result has been incomplete websites to gaping security holes that have left thousands of websites unusable or easy attack to prowling hawkers.

Well, the CMS Africa Summit, held annually, bridges this gap with this year's conference having been organized right here in the city under the sun, Nairobi, Kenya at Strathmore University; on the 7th and 8th of March 2014.

The keynote was on "Digitizing Africa's Creative Economy" by Bitange Ndemo, a man regarded as the father of Broadband in Kenya, having championed the development of Fiber Optic cables and other supporting infrastructure to the East African region.

Other speakers who graced the summit include:

  1. Paul Orwig - president, Open Source Matters - on The World Needs Open Source
  2. Anthony Nandaa - from GDG Nairobi - on PHP for Google App Engine
  3. Ruth Cheesley - from Virya Technologies - on Women and Open Source
  4. Paul Otieno - on Marketing SMEs
  5. David Hurley - founding partner, WebSpark - on Joomla Framework - Building powerful sites
  6. John Karanja - founder, - on Powering mobile applications using Wordpress
  7. Thomas Fleck - founder, Netresearch App Factory - on Meet Magento - what makes the difference?
  8. Kuba Zwolinski - CEO, Snowdog - on Magento Success Stories

The Summit brought together well over 300 people, 200 being students and the rest being from corporate and the government.

Google, GDG Nairobi, Mozilla, Magento, Wordpress, Open Source Matters, Joomla, RocketTheme, SilverBall Africa, Koa Media, Fika Africa, Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE), Typo3, Snowdog, among-st others were fully represented during the summit.

Strathmore University, Kenyatta University, University of Nairobi, JKUAT, St Paul's University, Riara University, Moi University, Nazarene University, Nairobits, and Nairobi Dev School were among-st the education institutions represented in the Summit.

The 2-days were definitely worthwhile to all attendees present. See how the days unfolded in the photos here.

GDG Nairobi is definitely humbled to have been a part of this awesome summit! Let's do this again next year :-)


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